Why Choose Us?

Our Mission Statement

"At Greg's Garage, our mission is to ensure that you, the customer, are provided with the best automotive service offered. Our staff holds a genuine care and concern for our customers and their vehicles, which means that your safety and satisfaction is always our goal. We strive everyday to make us the one you can trust for all of your automotive needs." At Greg’s Garage, we welcome you.

Get Automotive "Peace of Mind"

Relax and put your mind at ease. Just come in, meet our friendly front-desk staff, and let us do the rest. We can help you keep all your cars running safely, efficiently and worry-free. So no matter if it's your humble commuter, a rough & tumble SUV, or your family's vacation sedan, we have your back when it comes to automotive care, safety and performance. We have a courtesy shuttle available for your convenience. READ MORE