Tune-Ups – Car Maintenance Magic In the old days, if your car was running rough, idling poorly or starting slowly, you’d bring ‘er in for a tune-up. And today? Now, your regularly scheduled maintenance – that 30,000-mile, 60,000-mile and up maintenance service – takes care of most of your tune-up needs. At Greg’s Garage, we also do a visual inspection during Oil Changes, an additional service included in the fee, that uncovers some of the problems that were part of tune-ups in the old days. Between-Service Tune-ups Depending on how your vehicle is driven, and where, you may need a between-service tune-up. You’ll know when you do. Your vehicle will idle rough, start slow, lose pick-up, or show diminished mileage per gallon. Come to Greg’s Garage for:
  • Your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance
  • Oil changes and associated maintenance
  • Tune-up service when scheduled maintenance is not enough
Keep your car running smooth and safe. Call Greg’s Garage at 775-324-0911.