Safety Checks – We Care About Your Safety Greg’s Garage includes safety checks in several of its services. In fact, our tech team is trained to watch for safety issues as they work on your vehicle – always. We care about keeping your car safe for you and your family. jeff_content_photo Ask about a safety check next time you bring your car or SUV in for maintenance. We’ll run a safety check specific to your vehicle and concerns. Vehicle Safety Checklist Conduct your own safety check, too, by keeping an eye on the following:
  • Tire wear and alignment
  • Tailights, headlights and all external lights
  • Engine fluid levels
  • Hose, belt, and especially Serpentine belt wear
  • Engine coolant and hoses
  • Safety belt and airbag systems
  • Wiper blades and window cleaning fluid
Concerned about the safety of your vehicle or about any of the items in the Vehicle Safety Checklist? Call Greg’s Garage at 775-324-0911.