Reno Auto Mechanics & Support Team

Combine Reno's most experienced mechanics and diagnostics techs with the friendliest support team in Northern Nevada, and you've got Greg's Garage.

Greg's Garage Car and Truck Techs


Shop Manager Tim King

When your vehicle comes into Greg's Garage, you can be sure that Tim knows about it and has his finger on the pulse of whatever problems your vehicle may have. He's not a micro-manager (no need with this experienced crew), Tim is a leader, making sure every car gets top-notch attention. He's also a top diagnostician, leading our team of puzzle-solving techs. We know we can count on Tim, and we do. He has been a key member of the Greg's Garage team since 1999. He brings over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry to the job, and he continues to stay on top of industry trends, attending automotive training courses and seminars every year.

Vehicle Repair Mechanics - Our Team of Techs

team_content_photo All Greg's Garage techs are ASE certified (by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) and G-1 Smog Certified. Some are G-2 Smog Certified, and all are expert mechanics. When we brag about our team of repair techs and say they’re the best in Northern Nevada, we're speaking the truth. They are tops. They solve puzzles that others can't, making them tops in automotive diagnostics. Among them are experts in every aspect of vehicle repair and maintenance, and they continually update their expert skills, keeping up with changes. They can fix your hybrid, your electric, your diesel or your old-fashioned combustion engine. Mostly what you'll love about our auto repair team is that they find solutions and fix problems — and they do it fast.

Greg’s Garage Support Team


Wes Johnson, Operations Manager & Customer Service

We decided a long time ago that we had two great priorities: keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape and keeping you informed about everything that was happening, from estimates to parts to problems and solutions. Our techs work on your vehicle. Wes and his team make sure you completely understand and approve of all repairs. He and his team – Jeff Berrey and Pat Beardsley – can answer all of your technical questions. They all came up through the auto repair industry, so they know engines. And better yet, they can explain them!

Greg Doyle, Owner of Greg’s Garage

greg_content_photo Like his team, Greg’s an auto expert. He’s ASE certified, G-1 Smog and G-2 Smog certified, and he knows his way around vehicle repair and maintenance. That’s what brought him into the auto repair business to begin with: he just flat-out loves cars and he loves fixing them, too. Greg manages his garage from the inside out. He leads the Greg’s Garage team to achieve its best, making sure everyone’s skillset is up-to-date, that computerized diagnostics and systems are in place and working, and that all the work in the bays is top-notch. In addition to running an 18-bay garage, Greg follows his passion for the auto industry, staying in front of trends. His insight into what’s on the horizon for the auto repair industry means he makes sure his garage crew has the right equipment, technology and training to work on all vehicles, from the old family car to the bright, new model coming up next year. APPOINTMENT auto repair shop